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No matter what your profession, getting an education is a prerequisite to success. Education starts with what you read. For you who trade it is absolutely essential to get an education. Reading great books to teach you the art of trading, about the markets, and winning is paramount to success. The Perfect Trade is an excellent resource written to help you grow and succeed as a trader.

The chapter headings in The Perfect Trade are:

Essentials – create a winning state of mind
Price Action
Trend Strategies
The 21 Day Moving Average Play (21dMA)
The Counter Trend Play – Arbitraging Default Over-extension (ADO)
Index Trading, Trading Pointers and ADO Execution
Value versus Momentum
Trading Phases
Some Definitions of Value
Starting Small
Options Strategies
Time Frames, Time of Day and Other Considerations
Trading Stocks
100% Winning Trading Play Examples
Detailed Analysis of 100% Trading Play – DOW Long Series 1
Detailed Analysis of 100% Trading Play – DOW Long Series 2
Detailed Analysis of 100% Trading Play – Crude Oil Short Series 1
Detailed Analysis of 100% Trading Play – Crude Oil Short Series 2
Detailed Analysis SP 21dMA Trading Play
Detailed Analysis Coffee Hybrid ADO Trading Play
Short Term Option Premium Plays (**new**)
Profit Time Frames for Stocks (**new**)
Patience Required

The Perfect Trade is a one of a kind eBook that is designed to help you learn the art of winning 100% of the time trading any market you approach. This valuable 230 page book is packed with the experiences, wisdom, and specific strategies for winning -- including numerous chart examples -- by a two decades long veteran of the markets. This book has previously sold for $3,950.00, but the price today is only $499.00. Why is the price so low for information so valuable? Because most traders are struggling with the market, and resent high priced rip off trading 'secrets' that leave them no better off.

The Perfect Trade is also one of the best trading resources for any trader of any experience level. It covers in-depth what you need to know to #1) stop losing, #2) preserve your capital, and #3) how to win with an extraordinarily high level of consistency. The Perfect Trade is a great reference for a trader because it is written by someone who has a deep level of winning experience in the market, and has consistently maintained the highest per trade winning percentage you can get. If you are new to trading, this is a must read to help you focus on the big picture early, and prevent you from incurring catastrophic losses. If you are struggling as a trader, this is a must read to help you change your perspective, and start to focus on who the real winners and losers are, what they are doing, and how to capitalize on that. If you are a great trader, this is a must read because it will likely reinforce what you already know, and help you maintain your edge.

You have to ask yourself, is it worth $499 to find out what a veteran has done to maintain a 100% performance objective? What is your percentage? Is your bottom line growing? How many more losing trades are you willing to risk, that might cost you thousands of dollars, before you invest a mere $499 to give you the type of information designed to prevent such losses, and get you focused on winning?

There can often be a let down when trading method books are sold. To compensate for the possibility of a let down, after you have thoroughly studied The Perfect Trade, you can ask for a full refund if you can show that there is absolutely nothing of any value in The Perfect Trade. That is fair enough, isn't it?

The Perfect Trade now comes in two formats -- you can view it as a web page and download it as a PDF file. The PDF file is formatted for an 8.5" x 5.5" booklet you can print and use as a hard copy reference guide. The Perfect Trade is also updated periodically. Readers of The Perfect Trade will also receive new editions free of charge. Once you study the contents of The Perfect Trade you will agree that it is an excellent resource for traders, one that provides you with the wisdom, knowledge, and insights you need to be successful at trading and investing.

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The Perfect Trade is a trading guide, but it is not intended to be used as specific investment advice. Purchaser agrees that there is a risk of loss in trading, and accepts all associated risks with all Purchaser's trades. Purchaser agrees that the author of The Perfect Trade shall be held harmless, and shall incur no liability for any losses Purchaser may incur as the result of Purchaser's use of the information contained in The Perfect Trade.